About Us

In 30 plus years of working with small and medium size business owners and senior executives all over the United States, I have heard business leaders express a lot of frustration about their businesses and their employees – much like those expressed here.

Wouldn’t it be great if…

      "… everyone in the company, from the highest level to the lowest part-time employee understood our top 3 goals?"

      "… we all understood why our customers should come to us rather than our competitors?"

      "… our people worked together to serve our customers rather than working in silos?"

      "… I was clear about what the company needed to succeed, making me more confident to say yes to the right stuff and more comfortable saying no to the wrong stuff?"

      "… we could shake things up and do things differently around here?"

      "… there was an easy to implement and use system for hitting our goals?"

At E3 Strategy Development we are focused on two distinct, yet overlapping, groups of business owners and executives.  First, we help business owners and executives take back control of their company (instead of the business controlling them) while improving their relationships with their employees, suppliers, vendors and, most importantly, their customers.  We combine this with re-energized strategies to stimulate new growth and sustained and growing profits.

Secondly, we work with owners and founders who are looking to exit their company and understand that how they exit is as important as how they started the company.  We help these owners not only maximize the value they receive but, as importantly, we help prepare the business for transition, make it attractive to buyers or successors and avoid the deal killers that can inevitably ruin it all.

Our Mission

E3 Strategy Development offers business owners and executives a consistent, first-class resource for business coaching, leadership, and management development on both a local and national scale. Our mission is to help clients develop the strategy, motivation and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives by identifying and overcoming the obstacles that are preventing the success they are seeking. 

  • We believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they are fully committed to the outcome.  Therefore, we will only partner with clients whose commitment to their success is at least on par with our commitment to their success.
  • We believe in the power of our processes and will be diligent in delivering their full value to every client.
  • We believe that personal and professional success comes from persistence and grit.
  • We see each contract as an agreement not between a business and its customers, but between partners who wish to create a close and mutually beneficial long-term relationship.


Dan Elliott is a former executive, intrapreneur and entrepreneur having served in a variety of positions throughout his 30 plus years’ business career.  As an entrepreneur, Dan founded a brokerage group in Houston, Texas, that grew to over $23 million in annual sales.  After selling his interest in 2008, Dan was recruited to become the President of Life Investors Financial Group and later served in several other leadership positions within Transamerica Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aegon N.V., a multi-national life insurance, pensions and asset management company headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands.

Today, Dan is the Founder and Managing Director of E3 Strategy Development, a coaching and consulting firm that provides individual and business coaching, as well as, consulting services to small and medium size businesses throughout the United States. His many years’ experience as both an entrepreneur and a corporate executive are all put to use in developing and implementing the many strategies he employs to help businesses achieve their goals and become high performing organizations.

Dan is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with BA in Economics and a Cognate in Business Financial Management. He is also a Charter Member of the C-SUITE Advisors™, an elite group of select thought leaders, coaches, trainers, authors, speakers & content creators who serve C-Suite executives.

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E3 Strategy Development is affiliated with Trusted Advisors Network (TAN), a world-class leader in the areas of business and management consulting, life/business coaching and training, youth leadership, and leadership development. TAN is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals manage strategic change, innovation, cultural transition, and goal achievement. Their clients' results are measured by quantum jumps in productivity, performance, cost reduction, and asset utilization. Their approach is tailored to meet organizational and individual needs with proven processes. Since their inception in 1978, their unique approach has not changed: to help people become more productive and effective by linking individual performance to organizational performance.